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Nursery Emma

Nursery Emma from Romania is certified and authorized for production, processing and marketing of fruit trees, roses, vines, shrubs, ornamental trees and ornamental shrubs...

Pepiniera Gard Viu Arbusti

We are a professional company, with headquarters in Snagov. We import plants and shrubs from Italy and grow conifer trees silver, green trees, different species of Thuja, Juniperus, pines. Installation and Maintenance of Irrigation Systems ....

Pepiniera PINUS

The nursery was founded as a family company. Today it provides employment for 10 people. The main activity is the cultivation of ornamental shrubs and trees and seedlings respectively. Ornamental plants grow ....

Pepiniera Du Val D'Yerres Deux

To ensure optimum quality and to develop the market in Romania and its tradition of loving plants and trees we decided to set up Nursery du Val d'Yerres Deux, a nursery of ornamental plants and fruit trees, in the Giurgiu county.


Greentime operates on the market in Romania since 2000 and is specialized in outdoor cultivation of ornamental plants. The nursery covers an area of 13 hectares. The company cultivates roses. We offer a variety of 40 types of roses...