Fertilizers & Soils
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Ferm O Feed belongs to Den Ouden Group. Ferm O Feed is a professional producer of high quality organic fertilizers. ISO 9002 & 14001 certified production takes place in The Netherlands and about 95% is exported all over the world. Ferm O Feed aims .....

Chrysal International B.V.

Chrysal takes pride in creating excellence in care for cut flowers. We care for flowers, from harvest until the moment they bloom in a vase. For each phase in the life of a cut flower, Chrysal offers just the right product for long lasting beauty ....

Culterra Holland B.V.

Culterra holland b. V. esthablished in 1947 is a manufacturer of high quality composite organic fertilizers, organic mineral fertilizers and biological fertilizers. Our product range includes retail, horticulture and sports fertilizers which are produced under a wide range ...