Country: Greece
Region: Central Macedonia
Address: Edessa, 3, Philip The Fifth  view map
Phone: +30 2381021495, +30 6974710565, +306984727534
Fax: +30 2381021495
Contact person: Stephanos Giannousis, Kostas Giannousis
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Registered: 15 October 2014
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Stefanos Gianousis is the owner and the manager of GIANNOUSIS PLANTS. The company was founded in 1982 and today continues a multiannual project: to cultivate high quality nursery plants and beautiful fruits and ornamental species. The sole purpose of the company is customer satisfaction in all areas. The company is located in Edessa, but the nurseries are located 45 kilometers north of Almopia. GIANNOUSIS PLANTS does only wholesale and produces the folowing main categories:

Ornamental plants (mulberry, sycamore trees, lemons, etc.)

Fruit trees (cherry, chestnut, apple, almond, apricot, etc.)

Roses (a shrub, tree, etc.)

Coniferous trees (pines, firs, etc.)

Company products