Fertilizers for indoor plants

Fertilizers for indoor plants

\"Mister Blossom\" - highly concentrated fertilizer for houseplants in the product range (universal, for orchids, for violets, for petunias, for citrus, for palms, for ficus, microelement detergent Anti-chlorosis). Contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients in the form of chelates of EDTA. Fully provides plants with nutrients. Included - label with information on the use of the fertilizers and tips on growing flowers. 300 ml. (wholesale prices from 0,35 €) for more info:

\"Doctor. Foli\" - spray for foliar application on all kinds of indoor plants and orchids. Contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, vitamins and microelements in a chelate form. Provides comprehensive nutrition, protects from chlorosis and environmental factors. 300 ml, 500 ml. (wholesale prices from 0,25 €) for more info:


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