Outdoor Palms > Chamaerops humilis

Outdoor Palms > Chamaerops humilis

Chamaerops humilis
Mediterranean Fan Palm
Chamaerops humilis Popular fan palm for the garden or conservatory. In the garden, plant in full sun or partial shade. It can tolerate temperatures down to -12C or lower when larger. Snow and wind resistant, it really is an excellent outdoor subject. In the conservatory it is also valuable; it can take very bright light, and does not require heat in the winter. Feed and water well in the summer months. It produces suckers, which in time create a bushy shape. A 'must' for the exotic garden and highly recommended. MG

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  CHU-5 - 8.0kg - ?19.95   ?13.37
Height:50-60cm extra bushy 
  CHU-20 - 20.0kg - ?59.95
  CHU-45 - 45.0kg - ?99.00
Height:100-120cm stunning example 
  CHU-80 - 80.0kg - ?199.00
Height:130-150cm Trunk:30-50cm CHUNKY 


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