Shrubs, hardy perennials - Abelia biflora

Shrubs, hardy perennials - Abelia biflora

We are a small nursery and many plants are only produced in small quantities, it is impossible to have all these plants in stock all the time.  If you plan to visit the nursery in search of a particular plant it may be worth checking on availability in advance, particularly if you are travelling some distance.  We are continually trying out new species and varieties so will often have plants available that don't appear in the list - if you are looking for something in particular do ask.  It is also possible to produce plants to order.

The plants are priced according to the following code -

A - plants which are produced in small pots and sold at 2,50 or 3 euros each

B - the majority of perennials and sub-shrubs are produced in one litre pts and sold at 5 euros each

C - perennials and sub shrubs which are more difficult to produce and/or need larger pots (2l) are sold at 8 euros each

D - shrubs - normally sold in three litre pots at 10 or 12 euros each.


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