Country: Greece
Region: East Macedonia and Thrace
Address: Orestiada, Evros  view map
Phone: +30 25520 81227, +30 697 7653400
Contact person: Ms. Anastasia Doulgeridou, Mr. Dimitris Dolaptsis
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Registered: 04 April 2016
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Dolaptsi   Plants  offers,  consistently  over   the  last  20  years,  high  quality  services  and produces   vegetable   plants,   also   offers   high   quality   standards   at   affordable   and competitive   prices   for   any   professional  or  amateur  gardener  and  farmer. Having as trademark  and  basic  business  policy  the  quality and reliability, our company have been established  in  Orestiada   Evros  and  after  our  validate  in  Thrace,  the  last  5 years we have  developed  business  activities  in  the  area  of  Balkans  and  Turkey.

In our  factory 2500 m,  you  will  find  a  huge  variety  of  flowers, plants, ornamental and fruit trees, super fruits,  soils, pots and other gardening materials.  Our expert associates, using modern 3D Landscaping  software,  undertake  landscape  architecture,  renovation  and landscaping, design and construction of gardens, automatic watering and maintenance of grass layer.