Garden Line shpk

Garden Line shpk

Country: Albania
Region: Tirana county
Address: Tirana, Rruga Luleve 10, Marikaj-Vore 1033  view map
Phone: +355 69 20 90 438
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Registered: 15 February 2016
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GARDEN LINE Ltd is a nursery, garden cenre and a landscape designer. We cultivate over 2,500 varieties of trees, plants and flowers in an area of ​​44,000 m2. With the objective to give the best service with skilled personnel to design the landscape of green areas such as parks, gardens, porches, balconies, urban greenery, etc. The dedication, professionalism and experience are the elements that guide us in the execution of our works,  planting, plant irrigation and every other step is done in balance with the surrounding environment and according to the requirements and expectations of our customers who will live in this new garden. Garden Line ltd was founded in 2000 and today counts over 100 employees. We offer Flowers, Plants, Trees, Design and landscape services, vases, flower seeds, grass seeds,, Design and realization of irrigation systems, etc.