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The Kankaria Group's Non woven Factory is located at Belur, West Bengal , India . It has separate machine line set up with exclusively for Synthetic (100%) , Jute(100%) and Synthetic- Jute blends process separately. The technology set up is with the Provision to produce finished goods up to 5 meter width and GSM range of 100 to 2500 depending upon product and requirement base . The production capacity on each product line having of 1000 M.ton /year Products Under the Product Head of 100% Polyester , It serves the market : Geotextile - For Soil saver / stabilizing / strengthening product Industrial - Filter cloth Home Tech – Floor and wall cover application Under the head of 100% Jute , it serves the market : Geotextile : Biodegradable soil saver / stabilization application/ Jute Felt [liners] / Jute Felt Mulch Mats Hometech : Wall / Door Panel – Acoustic and insulation purpose Under the head of Jute/Poly or Jute/PP blends, it serves the market, Geotextile : Multipurpose soil saver, Clothing : Shoe lining Construction :Wall Panel and Roof felt Automative : Insulation and door panel.

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