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Contact person: Ms. Natalya Tarasova
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The production company Gileya is looking for Sales Representatives in the countries of Europe. We are engaged in the production of fertilizers for interior and oudoor plants in Ukraine for more than 14 years. Now our products occupy a leading position in the market of Ukraine. We produce high quality complex fertilizers NPK + micro on the basis of chelates EDTA. The prices for our products  are very competitive compared to similar goods on the European market. This is due to the rate of the the Ukrainian currency against the euro and  the lower salaries in Ukraine, which reduce the production costs . In our assortment, there are  liquid detergents for root and leaf processing of various plants, as well as dry granular fertilizers. There are both universal  fertilizers  and specially selected compositions for different types of plants like orchid, azalea, citrus, ficus, etc.