Rasadnik IVA d.o.o.

Rasadnik IVA d.o.o.

Country: Croatia
Region: Medimurje County
Address: 40000 Cakovec, Stefanec, B.Radica 54  view map
Phone: +385 40 337 781, +385 98 578 974, +385 99 732 9393
Fax: +385 40 337 781
Contact person: Mr. Josipa Petek Mihalic
Web page:
Registered: 27 January 2011
Visited: 1059
We are producers of seddlings, oramental trees and shrubs. The high quality of  the plants that You will plant is our primary care. Under oramental trees and shrubs we have 15 hectares and another 6000 m2 of greenhouse, where we place our containers. On the field are planted over 200 000 trees and in the greenhouse 300 000 potted plants. Outdoor we breed mostly trees with spherical form of the crown commonly known as the Black Locust and Talipot palms ( Robinia pseudoacacia ' Umbraculifera'... ), and in the containers we cultivate evergreen ground-covering shrubs (Lonicera pileata, Cotonaester sp...).