Sandfactory DecoWorld GmbH

Sandfactory DecoWorld GmbH

Country: Germany
Region: Bavaria
Address: D- 92637 Weiden, Dr.-M?ller-Str. 22  view map
Phone: +49 (0)961 470886-0
Fax: +49 (0)961 470886-10
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Registered: 25 January 2011
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Sandfactory DecoWorld - a new dimension in the world of decorative sands and stones - has created a new collection which is setting new standards as far as quality, shapes and colours are concerned. Therefore only top quality raw material from carefully selected sources is being used to be further worked on at the facilities. This work includes specialized techniques of sifting, washing and fragmenting as well as specific surface preparation. Only after all these steps the unique colouring and special effects techniques can follow. To secure the continuous high standards the permanent quality assurance does only allow purest raw materials and carefully selected colours to be used for production which are certified to be environmentally friendly and not posing any risk to health.

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