Country: Belgium
Region: Flemish Region
Address: 2890 Sint-Amands, Hemelrijken 8  view map
Phone: +32 (0)52 39 99 20
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Registered: 17 January 2011
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KBT has specialised in the development and the manufacture of all accessories for playground equipment for both private and public use. KBT's mission is to offer to the European playground equipment manufacturers and distributors a very large and high quality range of playground equipment accessories in different models, colours and sizes. We can offer these at very competitive prices. KBT is part of the CDM group of companies with headquarters in Sint-Amands (Belgium), located less than 20 miles (approximately 30 km) from the port of Antwerp. The products of KBT are manufactured in Belgium, Holland and the People's Republic of China, where CDM has a joint venture company.