Design House Denmark ApS

Design House Denmark ApS

Country: Denmark
Region: Syddanmark
Address: DK - 7100 Vejle, Volmersgade 6  view map
Phone: +45 75 83 83 48
Fax: +45 75 83 83 49
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Registered: 15 January 2011
Visited: 537
Design House Denmark is a danish design company developing products in different catagories for the international market. Heat Outdoor, we spend more and more time outdoor and the demands that we have for our products in the house we take with us outdoor. We also want beautiful and functional HEAT Outdoor solutions that inspires us to use them more. Our HEAT Outdoor range is made to fit the modern outdoor environment. High design content with respect for the functionality is integrated basic. All HEAT Outdoor products are made in sustainable materials suitable for both the heat and the outdoor.

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