Matrex furniture BV

Matrex furniture BV

Country: Netherlands
Region: Gelderland
Address: 5961 AB Horst, Jacob Merlostraat 26  view map
Phone: +31 77 3977 888
Fax: +31 77 3986 375
Contact person: Mr. Verhorstert
Web page:
Registered: 13 December 2010
Visited: 536
Matrex furniture BV was established in 2003 by mr m.j.m. Verhorstert from the Netherlands. Mr. Verhorstert is working in the furniture bussiness since 1988. The head office of Matrex furniture BV is located in Horst The Netherlands and the factory and showroom are located in Gresik Indonesia. The factory is managed by mr Laksana.
Matrex furniture is specialized in high quality Lloyd loom-, outdoor-, and wicker furniture. Matrex employs 150 well trained and motivated employees. The main market is Europe (Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain), New Zealand, Cyprus, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt. Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our customers by providing high quality and service at a reasonable price.