Piante Faro

Piante Faro

Country: Italy
Region: Sicily
Address: 95018 Riposto, Via Provinciale per Riposto, 184  view map
Phone: +39 095 964 900
Fax: +39 095 964 340
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Registered: 15 November 2010
Visited: 1085

Piante Faro is a leader in the production of Mediterranean and desert plants. Our mission is to offer our customers plant choices encompassing more than 800 species and more than 5000 varieties. We guarantee our products adhere to the highest quality standards and offer a service that satisfies the requirements of discerning customers like: Nurseries, Wholesalers, GDO, Landscapers and Gardencenter.Our company is a presence on the international market, from Europe to the Far East. The centra lposition of Sicily in the area of the Mediterranean consistently satisfies the requirements of an always greater number of international customers. More than 30 countries from all over the world have chosen Piante Faro.

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