Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Address: 51100 Chiazzano (Pistoia), Via del Girone  view map
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Registered: 14 November 2010
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Innocenti & Mangoni Piante has been dedicating for 60 years to the production and marketing of outdoor ornamental plants. Our company based on a solid history of strong tradition and love for the land, is renowned as one of the top European nurseries in terms of quality, vast selection, production capacity, state-of-the-art technology and influential presence in the extensive European market which makes the Export its main business.
Our nurseries are located in Pistoia, a city of almost 100,000 inhabitants in the heart of Tuscany, a region of agricultural heritage, rich in the tradition of cultivation of plentiful botanical species. This region became, over the course of many decades, the first European nursery center with its 5,500 cultivated hectares and its 10,000 employees.

Many people wonder why our company and the nurseries all, could have been so successfully established in this area. The answer is probably to find in a group of factors that did our reality so unique. The climate has always played an important role. Warm and dry summers such as harsh and cold winters allow the plants to adapt to conditions which are very diverse or even hostile compared to those of their original environment. Another key factor is the rich and humid earth composed of lime, sand, and clay, with a PH balance from neutral to slightly alkaline. This earth is particularly suitable to the cultivation and digging. Not only the above features helped during the years to build this success. The effective development of these natural resources is due in large part to the excellent commercial skills and teamwork of the people involved. These are the people who, generation after generation, have contributed with their passion for this old job to the great success and reputation that Pistoia enjoys today. On our vast surfaces spread on the Pistoia's area we produce, with the help of high specialized staff and modern technologies an extensive range of products that includes numerous trees, perennial and deciduous shrubs, conifers, Mediterranean plants and formed plants available in a lot of figures (the Topiary Art) destined to customers all over Europe.

For three generations, our company has contributed in perpetuating and promoting the influence of nurseries in the Pistoia region and beyond.