Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Address: BADOERE DI MORGANO (Treviso), VIA MOLINO 14  view map
Phone: +39 422 739437, +39 335 6178300
Fax: +39 422 739437
Contact person: Mr. DANIELE CARNIATO
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Registered: 29 May 2013
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TERRECOTTE ITALIANE produces Italian Pottery for over 35 years. Our products include vases, saucers, animals and figures, made from terracotta Tuscan "Galestro di Colorobbia". All our products are made with plaster molds that give the best definition of the reliefs. The products are all coded. You can see our entire collection on our site
The quality of the clay, the production process and a historical artisan experience, together with elegant shapes and decors result in a top-quality range of products.
All the articles are hand finished.
• Colour shades are particular and one of a kind.
• Production is with plaster moulds only, a very slow drying cycle and long firing at 1000°C to produce a top-quality, strong and long-lasting product.
• Frost resistance
Clay, water and fire shaped by the knowing, patient work of man, to renovate the ancient tradition of italian Terracotta.
Terrecotte Italiane uhas always blended the experience of craftsmanship with the modernity of production techniques.
Traditional products or products with more modern, contemporary lines, perfect for tasteful, simple addition to any room.
Most of our items are packed in shrink-wrap material packages or in cardboard boxes.
Quantities vary according to the item type.
The merchandise may be All items are encoded.

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