Lansbergen Roses

Lansbergen Roses

Country: Netherlands
Region: South Holland
Address: 2751 GZ Moerkapelle, Van Hasseltweg 13  view map
Phone: +31 (0)6-14961895
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Registered: 11 September 2010
Visited: 531
Together with an enthusiastic team, we strive to produce a top product. On an area of 2.5 hectares we grow the large flowered red rose Red Naomi. To achieve the most uniform and reliable product , the roses are grown under optimal conditions and with the newest techniques.
In spring 2010 (March) was chosen to replace the pink  Passion for the large-flowered red rose Red Naomi. This choice was motivated by the length of the rose and the larger buttons. The type Naomi Red! recent years has more than proven in the distribution channel.

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