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The biggest online-market for Nurseries in Europe. Greentrader is the website for nurseries. On Greentrader you find all the information you need as a nursery for succesfull business. News, marketprices, weather reports, information about collegues, suppliers, branche organisations and links to variuos "greensites" all over the world. You can aks questions on the forum, exchange data with collegues in your homeland or abroard. You can find employees by our jobcenter and tradepartners by our company guide. In short: everything about the nursery branche clearly structured together on one place on the internet. On this digital marketplace you can post also your supply or demand for free. This way you will have your actual supply (or demand) always online and its directly shown to potential cli?nts all over Europe. On GREENTRADER your products are found on their specific features which leads cli?nts to you or your website for business.

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