Rasadnik Curek

Rasadnik Curek

Country: Croatia
Region: Varazdin County
Address: Ljubescica 42222, Kalnicka 99  view map
Phone: +385 (0) 91 54 555 88 (10-15 h)
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Registered: 28 July 2010
Visited: 723
Welcome to the Nursery "Curek"!
We are ready to offer our knowledge and experience to share with nature lovers who are just moving to the discovery of the beauty of gardening. From us you can learn the descriptions of bushes and trees that we grow, their requirements in respect of land, pruning, resistance to low temperature ... If it is not enough for you, feel free to contact us for further advice, and share our experience. Most of our plants are in containers, grown in the garden land, which greatly facilitates the adaptation of new habitat. It is also worth mentioning that plants not treated with any growth hormones.

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