Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
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Registered: 17 April 2010
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GardenArt, one of the leading producers of sunshades on the Italian market, was established in Florence in 1985. GardenArt further revolutionized the praticality and aestethic design of umbrellas by creating the canopy with the Multivalvola® System. The elegant design and the material strength makes the Multivalve System canopy a refined piece of furniture. Thanks to the use of supports in steel Inox AISI 316 and the choice of technologically innovative fabrics, GardenArt has managed to bring life to a completely new and exclusive trend line suitable for pools and solariums. Furthermore, several important and well known shipyards have chosen its sunshades for their prestigious Superyachts.

To conclude, GardenArt is indeed able to satisfy a client's need to cover large spaces outdoors, as the different models are adjustable in order to fit together. 20 Years of Quality and Experience.