Country: Serbia
Region: City of Belgrade
Address: Belgrade, Vidikova?ki venac 102a  view map
Phone: +381 11 23 22 322, +381 64 820 10 41
Fax: +381 11 23 22 440
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Registered: 24 March 2010
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Garden Center is an import company which deals in wholesale and retail of horticultural products and accessories. We are known as "The Green Oases of Belgrade" because of the enjoyable ambient and the largest selection of plants in our retail stores in Vidikovac and Zemun. We offer wide selection of fresh, high quality plants and products at reasonable price for your garden, balcony, house or business space.

We also offer a variety of services, such as indoor and outdoor decoration with live and artificial plants, designing, planning, and maintaining green areas. Bio-decoration is one of most attractive service and our team can provide you with complete interior and exterior decoration through our daughter company GARDEN ING:


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