Country: Italy
Region: Umbria
Address: 06053 Deruta - Perugia, Via dell’Industria  view map
Phone: +39 075 9710212
Fax: +39 075 972206
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Registered: 09 March 2010
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Domiziani is located in Deruta, a small medieval town in central Italy renown for its traditional production of ceramics. Here the secrets of the art of "majolica" have been passed down through the centuries, upholding the tradition of intense colors, exquisite design and high quality characteristic to this historic ceramic region. The art of creating "majolica" ceramic is not limited to pottery but has also been applied to tiles and tabletops.
Maestro Roberto Domiziani, founder of our firm, can be credited with inventing the Italian Volcanic Stone Table as we know it today. Mr. Domiziani has taken the product to a level of beauty and perfect execution that rivals the masterpieces of the Renaissance.
As a natural extension of our manufacturing process, we also offer a full line of iron table bases and iron seating as well as outdoor coverings such as weatherproof gazebos and pergolas.

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