Romantic Ukraine

Romantic Ukraine

Country: Ukraine
Region: Kiev Oblast
Address: Kiev, 20 Malaya Zhitomirskaya str.,  view map
Phone: +38 (068) 5961677
Fax: +38 (068) 5961677
Skype: egorbu
Web page:
Registered: 10 February 2010
Visited: 399
Since "Romantic Ukraine" launch in 2004, it has become the largest domestic grower-direct Internet flower provider. Headquartering in Kiev, the company has a big network of florist shops in most of the cities of Ukraine.  "Romantic Ukraine" sells a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers, mixed bouquets and potted plants, shipped fresh from the grower. The products sold on the site are chosen for their exceptional quality and uniqueness as well as their freshness. "Romantic Ukraine" boasts unparalleled customer service, quality products and a 7-Day Freshness Guarantee for each order shipped.

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