Alfredo Moreira da Silva Filhos

Alfredo Moreira da Silva Filhos

Country: Portugal
Region: Norte
Address: 4300 -210 Porto, Rua do Freixo - Quinta da Revolta  view map
Phone: +351 225313020
Fax: +351 225313029
Contact person: Mr. Albaro
Web page:
Registered: 30 January 2010
Visited: 642
In 1895, Alfredo Moreira da Silva established in Oporto, on a modest horticulture shop. Presently property of his grand grandchildren, the firm explores more than 100 ha (250 acres) in Grij?, Mira and Coimbra, which makes it the largest nursery in Portugal, exporting to so many different markets like Spain, France, Belgium, UK, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Poland.

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