VIPLANT - Viveiros do Algarve

VIPLANT - Viveiros do Algarve

Country: Portugal
Region: Algarve
Address: 8200 - 475 Albufeira, Quinta do Parral - Paderne  view map
Phone: +351 289 367 870, +351 938 679 657
Fax: +351 289367899
Contact person: Mr. Francisco Castelo Branco
Web page:
Registered: 30 January 2010
Visited: 2180
Viplant's sole mission is to grow and sell the finest Mediterranean, tropical and subtropical plants in all of Portugal. In the national market for over 19 years Viplant is distinguished by its quality, professionalism and technical capacity. To accomplish this we've established two modern wholesale production facilities and a pair of complementary upper-end garden centres to aid in serving the retail market.

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