Country: Italy
Region: Liguria
Address: 18039 Ventimiglia, Via Gallardi, 140  view map
Phone: +39 0184 33 003
Fax: +39 0184 23 75 84
Contact person: Bruno Manera
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Registered: 21 January 2010
Visited: 3992

Cactus Mania is an Italian company founded by the Manera family situated on the border with France, close to the French Riviera.

For over 30 years we've been producing, importing and exporting cacti of every size, succulents, caudiformis, collector's pieces, and related services.

We specialize in wholesale sales of single plants from tiny to gigantic, as well as diverse potted compositions.

For years we've been an industry leader in creating both indoor and outdoor gardens of any dimension, in thousands of shapes and colors.

Our team of professionals are at your service to satisfy your every need and concern.  

Visit our 10,000 square meters of greenhouses.