Country: Belgium
Region: Wallonia
Address: 7822 Ghislenghien, Chemin Malplaquet 8  view map
Phone: +32 68 55 13 28
Fax: +32 68 55 13 38
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Registered: 25 September 2009
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Aubia deals with professional quality products in the field of water pumps and irrigation equipment for gardens, parks and sports grounds. In terms of this program,  Aubia supplies also wide range of products designed for water supplies for humanitarian purposes. Besides its own products Aubia,  distributes also several major brands in the Benelux: Espa (pumps, pressure boosting groups, pool pumps ....), Hunter (irrigation equipment), Well Pumps (submersible pumps in stainless steel), Pressure Wave (pressurized water boilers), Well Mate ( pressurized water boilers), Sta Rite (pool pumps), Waterco (swimming pool filters), Laing (circulation pumps for central heating and tap water pumps).

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