Vivai Piante SCHIAVON

Vivai Piante SCHIAVON

Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Address: 35020 LEGNARO (PADUA), VIA GORIZIA 9  view map
Phone: +39 0497 90971
Fax: +39 0497 90971
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Registered: 23 September 2009
Visited: 297

The Nursery VIVAI PIANTE SCHIAVON GIUSEPPINA has been working in the nursery field for more than 10 years, specializing itself in the production of fencing trees. We follow the plant production from the very beginning until the very last process of the sale in vase or clod. Plants and trees are available from Autumn until Springtime for the plants sold in clod and through the whole year for the plants sold in vase.

Our production of FENCING TREES includes: Cupressus Leilandi, Laurocerasus-Prunus, Laurocerasus "Otto Luken", Ligustrum "Ovali Folium" e "Sinense", Photinia "Red Robin", Viburnum Tinus, Buxus SemperVirens, Punica Granatum, Punica Granatum "Legrellei"and "Nana", Nandina Domestica.