Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Address: 55045 PIETRASANTA (LU), C.P. 103  view map
Phone: +39 3288876941
Fax: +39 0584915391
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Registered: 23 September 2009
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Our production varies and enriches every year and is particularly devoted to enthusiasts, to collectors, to botanical gardens and to everybody being interested in unusual plants we cannot commonly find on the market.
Usually our plants are 1-4 years old. Descriptions are referred to adult plants. Plant sizes are not stated in the catalogue because of their continuous change due to growth and stock renewal but they can be indicated, upon request, in pro-forma invoices, by telephone or by e-mail.
For each taxon we give, besides the brief description, the locality data and/or the field number if known.
Hardiness will also be indicated, if experimented, relatively to the climatic conditions occurring in our nursery outdoors (see environmental data).
We respect the I.O.S. Code of Conduct and the A.Di.P.A. Behaviour Code.
Our catalogue is published on the Internet each year from the Spring beginning to the end of December.
We are at disposal of our customers to provide cultivation advice, possibly by e-mail.
The nursery is not open to the public and only exceptionally, if we have a bit of time available, we can receive visitors upon telephone appointment.
We thank all our customers and everybody that appreciated an that will appreciate us.

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