Vicente Dalmau Nurseries and Sons, Ltd.

Vicente Dalmau Nurseries and Sons, Ltd.

Country: Spain
Region: Valencian Community
Address: 46002 Valencia, P?rez Bayer, 11  view map
Phone: +34 96 126 68 08
Fax: +34 96 126 94 18
Web page:
Registered: 23 September 2009
Visited: 293

The company Vicente Dalmau Nurseries and Sons, Ltd., as a leading company in the supply and planting of ornamental plants and trees, aims to stay ahead of the front line. Therefore, we have a new challenge on our hands, to keep improving continually , so we can better serve our customers.

Currently we have one and half million square meters of crop that you can visit to check the quality of our production:

-4 Hectares of Mediterranean plant cultivation and palm trees in areas of Cullera.

-6 hect?reas de cultivo de con?feras en campos de Villanueva de La Jara (Cuenca). -6 Hectares of conifers growing in fields of Villanueva de la Jara (Cuenca).

-6 hect?reas de cultivo de planta forestal y mediterr?nea en campos de Catarroja. -6 Hectares of forest and plant crops in fields Catarroja Mediterranean.

-4 hect?reas de cultivo de palm?ceas, planta mediterr?nea y ?rboles de sombra en campos de Valencia. -4 Hectares under cultivation of palm trees, Mediterranean plants and shade trees in areas of Valencia.

-5 hect?reas en nuestros viveros centrales de Catarroja. -5 Acres in central Catarroja our nurseries.

-120 hect?reas de cultivo de con?feras, arbustos, ?rboles de sombra y palm?ceas en Aranjuez y Badajoz. -120 Hectares for growing conifers, shrubs, shade trees and palms in Aranjuez and Badajoz.


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